Private Lessons

Private Lessons are a great way to put some quality time in perfecting and learning your tumbling skills. Privates are 45 minute long classes that are 1 on 1 with a specific coach of your choice. The times are flexible so you can choose which day, time and coach fits your schedule the best. Athletes will receive 30 minutes of instruction doing drills and getting spot for their skills, and then they will have a 15 minute mandatory conditioning program that has been made up by the class manager. The conditioning portion of their class is not fully supervised, this will allow back to back lessons happening while one athlete is warming up another athlete will be doing their conditioning. The coach will be keeping their eye on the conditioning corner to make sure their athlete is performing the conditioning correctly. Athletes are asked to arrive 10 minutes prior to their lesson so they can do a good warm up and it doesn’t cut into their 30 minutes. Athletes are also asked to wear athletic clothing, running or cheer shoes and to bring a water bottle.

Interested in some one-on-one instruction?